Norma Jennings, Author
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Novels inspired by the love of deeply poignant stories, compelling history, and a desire to entertain and enlighten. 

Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing
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While this novel's intriguing story of exotic international romance draws readers into an exciting game of love and lust, the story touches on a real-life drama playing itself out - drug trafficking in the Caribbean and serious economic issues in Greece that helps to fuel this trade.  

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PASSENGER FROM GREECE: The rising tide of drug trafficking in the Caribbean became the inspiration behind this novel. Passenger from Greece tells an important and intriguing story of love, lust, and criminal behavior affecting entire countries, and destroying lives. While this novel is a cautionary tale about love-gone-wrong, it also touches on deception at the deepest level. It shows that familial relationships, flawed characters, secrets and lies, can destroy lives and create deep emotional wounds.

"Like all writers of original and cultural genius, Norma Jennings awakens our minds and soul in her story of Jamaica, as Bob Marley has with Jamaican reggae music."
    - Professor J.B. "Peanuts" Taylor, Nassau,  Bahamas  

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DAUGHTER OF THE CARIBBEAN: The deaths of her mother and father within  7 months of each other inspired the author to write this novel. Daughter of the Caribbean describes the challenges of life as an immigrant in the United States, while maintaining strong cultural and emotional ties to the exotic island of the author's birth, and to Twickenham, the old sugarcane plantation on which she was raised.
MAROONED: "I was inspired by an article in The Gleaner, which talked about the British Prime Minister traveling to Jamaica, and demanding that the Jamaican Prime Minister allow him to build a prison on the island so he could send Jamaican  expatriate prisoners there from England, because they were 'not the responsibility of the British tax payers.' After muffling a scream, I sat down to write MAROONED. The world needed to know how Jamaica became tied to England. I captured and shared the defiant spirit of the Jamaican Maroons, who viciously fought against British domination and slavery, and won their independence nearly 40 years before the U.S. achieved their own independence from England."
A riveting historical tale about the defiant spirit and determination of the Jamaican Maroons, a people who refused to be marginalized by British domination. Coming your way soon!
                                             THE IRISH CONNECTION

An epic historical story about the horrifying suffering of the Irish, and their escape to the slave-infested Caribbean. This novel explores resilience, betrayal, suffering, survival, hope and courage. Coming your way July 11, 2023!

                                            CLOSURE, INTERRUPTED

A story of closure, as Olivia works to heal her wounds and recover from her husband, Niko's betrayal. This novel is still in development.
THE IRISH CONNECTION: Growing up on the island of Jamaica, Jennings was always enthralled by its intricate history and often wondered how classmates who looked like her were named Gavin O'Connor and Olivia Murphy. She came face-to-face with the history of those names after reading an article about Irishmen fleeing starvation and death from the Potato Famine in the mid 1800s, and ending up in the Caribbean. Some went to Barbados; a few traveled to Jamaica. Most of the Irish were sent away by the Brits to Canada and the United States.