Norma Jennings, Author
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Novels inspired by the love of deeply poignant stories, compelling history, and a desire to entertain and enlighten. 

Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing
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"Passenger from Greece is a must read for anyone who loves stories filled with international intrigue, complex family dynamics, gravely flawed decisions, and romantic moments sizzled by the fever of first love. This is a fabulous novel that will keep the reader thoroughly entertained from beginning to end."
     - Johnetta Cross Brazell, PH.D., Vice Chancellor Emeritus
"I shared in all the excitement, humor, fears, sorrows, joys, losses and achievements of this colorful family, and when the last chapter came to an end I was reluctant to be severed from a world I wanted to continue wrapping myself in. I'm filled and still want more!"
     - JC Lodge, Recording Artist / Song Writer, UK
     "Norma Jennings has done it again."

THE IRISH CONNECTION - coming your way,                               July 11, 2023
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Feb. 3rd, 2022, Author Group Session, 3L Publishing, California
How to Write Historical Fiction novels, Presented by Norma Jennings
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Passenger from Greece was an Award Winning finalist in the 2015 USA Best Book Awards in 2 categories: Best Multicultural Fiction and Best Cover Design.   
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Author Norma Jennings was named a winner in the 50 Great Authors You Should Be Reading Awards. CONGRATULATIONS!    
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Passenger from Greece won another award: 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award - Multicultural Fiction Finalist. 
One more award for Passenger from Greece - won the 2016 Indie Best Book Award - multicultural fiction.

                                                            THE IRISH CONNECTION READERS' FAVORITE REVIEW (5 STARS) 

                                                                                          Reviewed By Jennifer Ibiam 

"Under British rule, the Irish people lived a hard life. There was food in Ireland that the natives couldn’t afford which got shipped off to England. The impoverished people of Ireland grew only potatoes, but when the blight hit, things turned worse. There was no food to eat or money to pay for the hovels called houses. Starvation hit, people went insane, typhus struck, and corpses littered the streets as meals for dogs, the elements, and humans. Twenty-year-old Sean and his friend, Brian, worked in the public soup kitchen to help the poor, but the duo was discontented. So when the typhus took Sean’s mom, they traveled to Jamaica, where slavery ruled. Is there hope for them yet? Find out in The Irish Connection by Norma Jennings.

The Irish Connection by Norma Jennings is a fantastic page-turner of fiction embellished with facts. It was such a heartbreaking tale that I needed time to regroup after reading. Set in the mid to late 1800s, this book will appeal to historians and everyone who loves epic stories. This novel explored resilience, betrayal, selflessness, suffering, grit, survival, hope, and courage. The Irish Connection is a book that captivated me from the author’s note. The note was expository and a perfect entrance into the story. I loved the brilliant plot, intense storyline, creative character development, and descriptive writing style. I was gutted by how the British weaponized religion against the Irish and African-Jamaicans. However, it gladdened my heart to see the Blacks persevere. Tomas, Gavin, Sean, and Olumbo were my most favorite characters. Will Asha and Sean have a love story? Please, write more, Norma."

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has countries that were or are members of the British Commonwealth , like Ireland and Jamaica, reflecting on their painful history and pondering a future without ties to the monarchy. This makes the next novel by Norma Jennings relevant, timely, and compelling.  

MAROONED: Unrelentingly brutal, occasionally provocative, and deeply emotional - a woman Jamaican Maroon warrior's savage fight for freedom.