Norma Jennings, Author
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Novels inspired by the love of deeply poignant stories, compelling history, and a desire to entertain and enlighten. 

Publisher: Moonshine Cove Publishing
Publicist: Get Red PR

                                                      THE IRISH CONNECTION

For those who love epic stories, this gripping page-turner exposes the brutality of imperialism in Ireland and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, and unveils the connection between both countries.

A historical saga you will devour, pause to regroup, and never forget.

West Cork, Ireland, 1846: Desperate and half-starved, an Irishman boards a hurricane-battered ship to the Caribbean. But life away from Ireland is also bleak. The ship is attacked by pirates, his best friend is killed, and he arrives on a stunning, distressful, slave-scourged island.

Jamaica, West Indies, 1846 - 1849: Sean O'Sullivan barely endures his work as overseer for the cruelest British planter in Jamaica. Britain is forced to abolish slavery, but angry planters continue to brutalize and subjugate blacks. Rebellions erupt and activists are lynched.

O'Sullivan quietly resists planter abuse and creates thriving farming communities owned by his ex-slaves. How will he survive, as uprisings continue to flare and a well-respected human rights activist returns home to Jamaica; his name is Marcus Garvey.

"Norma Jennings’ writing style allowed the story to flow in its descriptive and well-constructed narrative.  
Kudos to author Norma Jennings for writing this entertaining, essential, meaningful and historical account. This was like having spinach in your cake (if you hated spinach); you are not aware you are getting the well needed literary and historical nutrients, because it’s sooooooo goooooood!!!!"     
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter, Producer/Director/Actor/Founder and Artistic Director of The Caribbean  American Repertory Theatre. West. I give this work Five (5) Stars

"The Irish Connection by Norma Jennings is a fantastic page-turner of fiction embellished with facts. This novel explored resilience, betrayal, selflessness, suffering, grit, survival, hope, and courage. I loved the brilliant plot, intense storyline, creative character development, and descriptive writing style. Tomas, Gavin, Sean, and Olumbo were my most favorite characters. Will Asha and Sean have a love story? Please, write more, Norma."
Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars

"The novel held my interest captive and left me with an impression that I was an active observer of the meetings and personal interactions which were happening. I almost felt as though I was eavesdropping on some of the conversations outlined. The writer communicated her account as though she was an active participant in the daily proceedings of the time. Sometimes the collision of the tragic human side of the “slave trade” and the tragedy of the “potato famine” gives a good understanding of monumental “human suffering”. This is a must read, especially for everyone who believes that “BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES”. I give this literary work five stars."
Hilton Nicholson, JD.

"Skillfully written, THE IRISH CONNECTION is at once a story of loss and redemption. Readers will get absorbed in its detail. Norma Jennings is the quintessential story teller. A five star review."
Michael I. Blake, ABR, SRS, SRES