Norma Jennings, Author
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My novels are inspired by joy, deep concerns, and the desire to entertain as well as educate. 

Author's Biography
From an exotic multi-ethnic background of black, white and East Indian descent, two strong and dynamic women and a remarkably intelligent and adventurous father influenced her.
Ms. Jennings enjoys dual citizenship in both Jamaica and the United States. She visits Twickenham, her grandmother's old sugarcane plantation in Jamaica, as often as she can.
About Norma Jennings
Norma Jennings is an ex-international flight attendant and recent corporate executive with a passion for writing. Now residing in Florida, she was born and raised in the Caribbean and has traveled and explored many countries, including those featured in her novels. 

Ms. Jennings has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and graduated from the Management Development Program at Harvard Graduate School. 
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    "I've completed my third book, Marooned, an action-packed historical fiction novel about the first freedom fighters in the New World, the Jamaican Maroons. 
    Raw and disturbing sexual moments between planter and mulatto slave mistresses, and a sizzling romance between two of the main characters are weaved into the novel, which chronicles the ferocious and unrelenting resistance of the Jamaican Maroons, whose strength and determination resulted in their freedom from British domination."